Sugar Industries

sugar industry

Sugar is utilised in a vast number of food manufacturing processes, globally. Billions of Dollars go into the production of cane and beet sugar worldwide, and South Africa is no exception. It, therefore, stands to reason that endless research has gone into the design and production of high quality equipment and advanced technology, for this burgeoning industry.

Our product range includes:

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Multistage Pumps

Delasco Peristaltic Pumps

Dry Powder and Bulk Handling and Metering Equipment

As with other media, the type of equipment recommended will depend largely on the substances being conveyed throughout the production process, and to this end, our suppliers have perfected a range of high technology pumps, dosing equipment, and related machinery, which is ideal for use by the sugar industry.

If your goal is to increase productivity, decrease costs and improve reliability, you have come to the right place!

"Regardless of the viscosity, solid content and corrosive qualities of the media, ASW has a versatile and simple solution for you! We will ensure the continuous, gentle and stable conveyance of any medium."

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