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Despite the high-tech era in which we live, could you possibly imagine a world without paper? Paper features in almost every facet of our daily lives! Could you envisage not having books, magazines and newspapers, toilet paper, packaging material, and the myriad of documents that pass through our hands every day?

Did you know?
South Africa and Swaziland are the only paper producing countries on the African Continent. South Africa alone produces millions of tons of mechanical and chemical wood pulp, newsprint, printer paper, and board annually.

ASW will help you cut down on your water consumption, minimise downtime and improve productivity!

Our product range includes:

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps

Plastic Chemical Norm, end suctions

Water Filtration Systems

At ASW we understand that it takes highly sophisticated processes, equipment and technology to turn a tree into a sheet of paper!

ASW has been supplying the SA pulp and paper industry for many years and we therefore have the solution for any application you care to throw at us. We will ensure that your media is conveyed safely, gently and under low pulsation to wherever it has to go!

For example we are au fait with the difficulties associated with applying coating colours and we are able to provide the solutions necessary to minimise these problems. We are here to help you keep those critical fluids flowing through your system, in a reliable and hassle-free manner.

"No matter whether your need lies in conveying filler materials, or in ensuring the accurate and precise dosing of chemicals, our experts are here to assist you!"

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