mining industry

The mining industry is, without doubt, the backbone of the South African economy. This is particularly true of the gold mining industry, but virtually every commodity mined in South Africa makes a sizable contribution to SA’s economic stability.

Only the best and most reliable equipment can be utilised in this highly demanding and hazardous industry. Besides the obvious challenges of working at great depths, mining necessitates that a vast variety of substances be conveyed, on an ongoing basis.

Our product range includes:

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps

Internal Gear, Lobe and Screw

Refrigeration Pumps

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Filtration equipment

Our suppliers have been supplying pumps, compressors and related equipment to the global mining industry for decades. They utilise the most up-to-date technology and design techniques and employ the best technical minds in the business.

This, coupled with the most advanced manufacturing processes, guarantee products that are able to withstand any industry process, no matter how demanding. And, our equipment is easily maintained and built to last, even under extreme conditions!

"ASW is able to supply the type of equipment needed to convey abrasive and viscous material. No matter what the demands, we will find a solution, and ensure that the mining process runs efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively."

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