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ASW is a leading supplier, and sole agent, for a number of leading international industrial pump manufacturers. We will ensure that your product is conveyed to wherever it is needed, in the most efficient manner. Our product range is highly comprehensive and no matter what industry you are in, we guarantee you a cost effective solution to your needs.

Our Expertise
ASW can offer you unbiased advice when it comes to selecting the most suitable equipment for your requirements. Whether you need on-site surveys, recommendations and advice; a detailed analysis of identified products, or cost cutting options, ASW can help you!

Our Experience
In the high technology, rapidly evolving technological world we find ourselves, our aim is to provide our customers with the best of the best.

We have been in business for over 30 years and during that time we have built up enviable relationships with our suppliers. These include highly respected names in the worldwide pump manufacturing arena. We are proud to be associated with companies such as PCM, Hermetic, Finder, Munsch, Ebara and Orlita.

In a nutshell, this means, we are in the best position to supply YOU, the customer, with the best equipment for your needs. We see ourselves as an extension of your company, and therefore, we will always act in your best interests.


Leistritz screw pumps are used to supply a wide variety of media with different viscosities in a multitude of applications. Regardless of whether it’s individual pumps or complete systems – what matters are the customers’ needs. In close collaboration with you, we always work to find a tailor-made and economical solution.

Leistritz Group

Nova Rotors specialises in the construction of progressive cavity pumps. This type of pump is highly flexible in terms of operation and application, a factor which has enabled it to achieve considerable market success. Its unique features makes it suitable for use in a variety of different industries.

Nova Rotors

PCM serves six highly demanding industrial markets i.e. environment, new energies, pulp and paper, mining and minerals, chemicals and mechanical engineering. Each has special needs that PCM meets with perfectly adapted pumping systems.

PCM | Positive Displacemet Pumps

Hermetic Canned Motor Pumps are characterised by a compact, integrated unit without mechanical seal. The motor and pump form a unit with the rotor and the impeller fitted onto a common shaft. The rotor is guided by two identical, medium-lubricated slide bearings. The stator on the drive motor is separated from the rotor space using a thin stator liner. The rotor cavity and the hydraulic section of the pump, creates a combined cavity which needs to be filled with pumping medium before commissioning.

Ebara Pumps include self-priming electric pumps, centrifugal pumps with one and two impellers, monobloc, multistage pumps, submerged and submergible electric pumps, pressurising and fire prevention units are some of the main products conferring EBARA a high quality image.

All pumps are manufactured at the highest possible functionality levels, through a quality control programme starting from the design stage and extending to the production stage.

As the technical world leader in magnetic drive pumps, Dickow holds many patents, is ISO 9001 certified, and is a supplier-partner of major chemical companies. The advantages are Dickow’s Construction and Mechanism of the Magnetic Coupling and Wear-resistant SIC-Slide Bearings.

Munsch offer a big variety of Non-metallic Pumps in horizontal as well as in vertical type. Their pumps are specially designed for corrosive and/or abrasive liquid applications.

SEKO has been designing and manufacturing dosing pumps and metering systems for the Cleaning, Hygiene, Water Treatment and Industrial Processes markets for more than 40 years. Today SEKO is recognised as a Global leader in its chosen fields, thanks to its ability to deliver innovative products and offering reliable solutions whatever the application.

One of the leading manufacturers of leak-free pump systems and magnetic drive centrifugal pumps for industrial applications.

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PCM Delasco™ Peristaltic Pumps have a wide range of models available. Delasco pumps are capable of handling flows and pressures up to 65 m3/h and 15 bars.

FINDER is one of the European leading Companies in the design and manufacture of engineered pumps and systems for Oil & Gas and industrial applications which require heavy duty products and advanced technical solutions.

The main products – centrifugal pumps, twin screw pumps and vacuum pumps and systems – are sold worldwide to the major engineering companies and to end users which have a leading position in the fields of oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, desalination, chemical, pharmaceutical and food.

"In fact, you need look no further than ASW! We can meet ALL your requirements when it comes to pumps. Let us help you make an informed decision to maximise your process efficiency."

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