Hydraulic Equipment

We are sole agents and distributors for Elwood Fluid Power, an American company, with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of water hydraulics. We are able to offer you an extensive range of the latest low noise, high efficiency water hydraulic systems, at very competitive prices.

The advantages of using Water hydraulics are many and varied, but if your goal is to reduce fire hazards, decrease operating costs, minimise the possibility of contaminating products, protect your workforce from harmful oil vapours, and save the environment, then ASW can assist you!

Recently we have seen huge advances in Water Hydraulics. New design techniques and materials have revolutionised water hydraulic technology, and Fluoropolymer coatings protect your expensive equipment from corrosion, whilst providing mechanical strength and strong resistance to abrasion.

Water Hydraulic systems are currently at the forefront of technology, and the use of sophisticated microprocessor-controlled digital cards, in control systems, will almost certainly replace analogue techniques, in the control of position, pressure, and velocity, in the immediate future!

Reliable, safe, sanitary, cost effective and eco-friendly!


High pressure hydraulic equipment valves and systems for water, soluble oil, and other low viscosity applications.

The primary markets include steel and aluminum mills, petroleum decoking and forging press industries.


"Make the Change to a very affordable, cleaner and safer option today!"

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