food and beverage industry

It stands to reason that hygienic, pristine clean conditions are vital in the food industry. It is also important that your products are handled with care and your equipment is easy to clean. Our suppliers have perfected their equipment over many years and are able to provide you with equipment that is designed to keep germs and bacteria out of your process!

In addition, we understand that it is essential that ingredients are kept moving, in an efficient manner, in the production line, in order to guarantee high quality end products.

Our product range includes:

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps

Sealless Canned Motor and Magnetic Drives

Multistage Pumps

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

We are proud suppliers to the dairy, meat, convenience and baked foods, edible oil, fruit and vegetable canning and beverage industries, to name but a few.

Preserve the quality and integrity of your products.

ASW will help you preserve the quality and integrity of your products by providing you with the best solution to your production line and supply chain needs. We will also ensure that refrigerants are delivered in a safe and controlled environment.

"With ASW designed and supplied equipment your production operations will be simpler, faster and purer than ever before!"

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