Bulk Handling and Metering TREATMENTS

ASW is well-placed to offer you the perfect solution to all your bulk handling and metering treatments need, including treatment, handling, conveying, feeding, discharging, extraction, dosing, filling and mixing; or complete systems integrating any, or all, of these technologies, in almost any industry sector.

We are sole SA agents and distributors for Parimix and Sodimate, well-known global leaders in the bulk handling and metering treatments  industry. Their specialised knowledge spans many decades and we understand the challenges end-users face when it comes to maintaining productivity at optimum levels.

The right solution for your application
We also know that in today’s financial climate, it is vital that our clients produce high quality, competitively priced products, and therefore, the correct solutions to your applications are vital.

Top class research, design and manufacturing techniques are utilised to produce superior products we are ready to recommend to our clients.

Right up to commissioning stage, and beyond, ASW is there for you!


Parimix offers solutions to all your projects: treatment, handling, dosing, extraction, filling and mixing of all your products: powders, pulverulents, liquids, doughy and viscous.

The wide range of Parimix IMR type continuous mixers, uses the exclusive principle of central injection of dry or liquid products into the mixing Parimix-continuous-mixerchamber.


Sodimate is a combination of a silo un-loader with a flexible screw conveyor. Whatever the silo capacity the silo discharge unit DDS 400/DM guarantee flow control and accurate feeding of your powder products such as quick lime, hydrated lime and active carbon.

  • Totally mechanical discharger
  • No Vibration
  • No fluidization

The Sodimate Arch Breaker DDS 400 is a totally mechanical silo discharger complete with a metering screw for bulk powders stored in silos and containers.



Our suppliers are major international players in the international bulk handling and metering field, and no matter what your needs, they will endeavour to meet your product specifications. We realise that each situation is unique and we will work with our suppliers to find a tailor made solution for your applications. All our suppliers are world leaders in the latest cutting edge technology, and our team of specialists are specially trained to analyse your production environment, install and commission the equipment, educate your staff in the use thereof, and provide on-going support.

"To us every customer is a VIP, and as such we will make sure that you are happy with your investment, by giving you unbiased and educated advice when it comes to choosing the best technology for your needs."

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