ASW has been in existence since 1979 and was founded by the late Mr A Wischnewski and is still a family owned business. The company was predominantly involved in the importation of hydraulics and mechanical equipment for the Mines and Petrochemical industry and is still involved in the supply of mechanical and rotating equipment to this industry.

In 1986 ASW moved into its own premises in Johannesburg which is now the Head Office of the group.

Our strong presence in the water and waste water industry in the early 1990’s resulted in the establishment of a water treatment division. This division focuses on the supply of equipment into the water industry as well as managing and completing turnkey projects for potable water treatment plants. ASW has also been involved in refurbishments, building complete new plants and numerous installations within the water and waste water industry.

Majority of our sales / business is generated by international organisations in South Africa and Africa.

Our customers are mainly drawn from the following markets:

"We strive to provide quality service and quality products at all times"

This mission statement sums up the ethos, which forms the foundation for ASW’s business practice. ASW’s business is built on supplying the quality service that the client expects. The company’s on-time deliveries are legendary and a benchmark in industry.

Before accepting an order, ASW’s engineers will always advise the best system or component, and this advice will be either in-house or from overseas expertise.

Founder & Owners

A Wischnewski


U Wischnewski

Current owner

ASW comprises of three specific divisions

  1. Rotating Equipment
  2. Water Filtration and Equipment
  3. Engineering and Fabrication

The first two divisions are all directly involved in the marketing and sales of their products, and the engineering division supports the two marketing divisions by:
– Design and development of new systems
– Design, installation and commissioning of turnkey projects
– Manufacturing and construction of systems and components
– Repair, servicing and testing the various products
– Quality assurance

ASW has been audited by various large organisations in the Petro-Chemical, Paper and Chemical industries and has been placed on their vendors list for the supply and manufacture of systems and components.

ASW keeps a large stock of spares to complement the range of standard equipment sold by the company.